Patrol Vehicles 1960's

1962 Line Up

1960's Patrol Vehicles 

(Credit-  Historical Society Member & Retired Captain Paul Stuhmer provided background and photographs for this page)








1960 AMC

1961 Studebacker 2 door, V-8 engine, automatic with red spotlight on drivers side and a siren mounted on roof rack- front driver side view.  Sergeants Vehicle.

1961 Dodge

1961 Dodge 2 door with "Police" and vehicle number markings on doors. 

1961 Dodge

1961 Dodge two door unmarked radar car. Radar unit mounted behind drivers window

1962 AMC Rambler

1962 Rambler, "Police" marking on doors, light and siren bar mounted on roof. 

1963 Plymouth

1963 Plymouth four door V-8 automatic, "Milwaukee Police" marking on doors, light and siren bar mounted on roof

1962 IHC Travelall

1962 IHC Travelall Ambulance "police" marking on doors


 1962 Ramblers

1962 AMC Ramblers 4 door fleet- first 4 door fleet for police department

1963 Plymouth

1963 Plymouth 4 door Savoy model with "Milwaukee Police" markings on doors.

1963 Plymouth

1963 Plymouth Savoy Model 4 door 

1965 AMC Ambassador

1965 AMC Ambassador 880 model "Milwaukee Police" markings on the doors and "Police" marking on the trunk.

1965 AMC Ambassador unmarked

1965 AMC Ambassador 880 model unmarked squad in the lower garage of the Police Administration Building

1966 Ford Fairlane 

1966 Ford Fairlane with 390 V-8 engine & "Milwaukee Police" markings on doors. 

Dodge Van

Dodge Van dark blue in color with "Police Department" on sides circa 1960's

Dodge Van

Dodge Van white in color with "Milwaukee Police" on sides circa 1960's

1969 Line up

1969 line up of vehicles which include Chevy vans, Plymouth vehicles, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, and Cushman vehicles.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Harley Davidson Motorcycles circa 1960's 



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