Patrol Vehicles 1950's

1955 Ford Line Up

Patrol cars used in the 1950's by the Milwaukee Police Department


(Credit-  Historical Society Member & Retired Captain Paul Stuhmer provided background and photographs for this page) 





1954 Chevrolet

1954 Chevrolet 2 door One Fifty Model - front driver side view

1954 Chevrolet

1954 Chevrolet One Fifty Model six cylinder 2 door, "Police" marking on doors - driver side view.

1955 Ford Line Up

1955 Ford Mainline Models 2 door, White roof and black body with "police" marking on doors- passenger side view of three cars.

1956 Ford

1956 Ford 2 door six cylinder engine with a red spotlight on the drivers side- front passenger view. 

1956 Ford

1956 Ford 2 door with Thunderbird V-8 engine, white roof, black body, with "Police" markings on the doors and trunk area- front driver side view.

1956 Ford

1956 Ford 2 door with V-8 engine- front passenger side view. 

1956 Ford

1956 Ford 2 door with V-8 engine and dual exhaust, "Police" marking on the doors and trunk- rear driver side view.

1956 Lineup

1956 Line up of police vehicles which include IHC Wagon, Cadillac Ambulance, and Ford cars. 

1956 Ford with a public address system mounted on the roof of patrol car.

NOTE: In 1956, eleven (11) twenty five watt mobile public address systems were installed on uniform patrol cars throughout the city.The units were installed by the police departments communications division.  These were used for the primarily purpose of civil defense and for large crowds to provide people with safety measures. 


1957 Cadillac  

1957 Cadillac Station Wagon Ambulance

1957 Ford Mainline

1957 Ford Mainline towing the Milwaukee Police Department patrol boat. Note the emergency light on top of the patrol car. 

1958 Line up

1958 Line up of vehicles used by Police Department.

1958 IHC Travelall

1958 IHC Travelall ambulance, black and white two tone with "Police" markings on doors.

(Note: Vehicle was experimental- combination patrol vehicle and ambulance.)

1959 Ford Ranch Wagon used as an ambulance for the department- passenger side view.

1959 Line up

1959 Line up of police vehicles used. 


1959 Ford

1959 Ford two tone unmarked with a fixed red light on drivers fender



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